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  • Ht83: Thời trang đi học cho trẻ em Ht83: Thời trang đi học cho trẻ em 91041 plays Bạn có thể giúp Jane với một số phong cách thời trang và làm cho cô ấy ghen tị của tất cả những đứa trẻ khác?
  • School Lockers School Lockers 28354 plays Try it to decorate your own home through this game you will make your home come alive with bags, umbrellas and many other items
  • Back To School Fashion Back To School Fashion 23937 plays Back To School Fashion: It's school time again! As all you know, the first day of school is all about making first impressions for the school year. So it's always best to wear styles that reflect your own personal taste as well as looks that are current and updated with the latest trends. If you're itching to try a new style in this day, let's come on and you will find everything you need for the school year with this awesome dress up game.
  • Cute School Kid Cute School Kid 15492 plays A cute school dressup. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
  • Back to School Bags Back to School Bags 14290 plays Back to School Bags: Summer is coming to end.Its time for us to think about the first day of backing to school. The first day of school is all about making first impressions for the school year. So lets choose your clothes as well as bags for this important day.
  • Back To School Style Quizz Back To School Style Quizz 14126 plays Girls, new school year has already started. We need to come back to school. What should we wear? Do this quiz then choose a suitable style for you. Then dress you up with amazing and cool accessories. Have fun.
  • Barbie at School Barbie at School 12937 plays If you're a fashion addict and also a big fan of Barbie, this is the perfect dress up game for you. Enjoy her amazing wardrobe full of all types of clothing, from evening gowns, street outfits, to chic school clothes. Talking of school outfits, let's spend some time in this area and have fun trying all Barbie's great clothes perfect for school. Take a good look and choose for her a baby doll school outfit without damaging her reputation of a real trend setter. Have fun girl!
  • KissKiss at First Sight KissKiss at First Sight 12840 plays The poor tiny lovebirds are seeking for every single moment of privacy when they can give each other sweet kisses. Do you think you could keep them safe from any of those intruders' nosy looks?
  • HT83 Zombie School Defense 1 HT83 Zombie School Defense 1 11897 plays A good zumbie trying to protect the school before the penetration of the zumbie worms and help this zumbie.
  • School's In Session School's In Session 11497 plays Get ready for the school with Mickey and the gang! The teacher has put together three assignments that you can play in any order you want. Any time left over at the end of an assignment will be added to your score. If you answer all of the questions in an assignment correctly, you earn bonus points. Once you complete an assignment, the teacher will highlight it on the Main Menu. When you finish all three games, you can look at your grades by clicking the result button. So, put on your thinking cap and get a good grade!
  • HT83 zombie school defense version3 game HT83 zombie school defense version3 game 11425 plays A good zumbie trying to protect the school before the intrusion of the crocodile and help zumbie nay.xay zumbie use basis, against the green ghost.
  • School Road Adventures School Road Adventures 11420 plays Good students always want to go to school without delay. However, it is sometimes block the way to school. These students are smart. Easily overcome the obstacles. You can do it. You must be at school on time, do not forget, time is ticking.
  • Decor My First Classroom Decor My First Classroom 11392 plays Every children remember his first classroom day and his this game, you have the chance to decor your beautiful classroom with the things you prefer the most. Have fun.
  • High School Detectives High School Detectives 11238 plays Star Quarterback - out of commission! How? Who? Why? And only one person can answer - You! Interview increasingly annoying students and faculty to find the perp. Be sure to turn on the sound, too!
  • Sweet School Makeup Sweet School Makeup 11198 plays The new semester begins. Give this cute girl a fresh back to school makeup and then choose the most beautiful clothes for her. The new look will bring good luck to you!
  • Cutie Trend School Girl Group Dress Up Cutie Trend School Girl Group Dress Up 10935 plays Pick out uniforms for a group of cutie trend. You dress up the three girls and get them off to school.
  • HT83 zombie school defend version2 game HT83 zombie school defend version2 game 10906 plays Good Zombies must protect their Cute Zombie School from a lot Bad Guy Zombies.Cause that is last holy land in Zombie 's World. To alive,you must shot down Bad Zombie by guns.Guns look alike normal in Human's World.Move your point to target then press Left Mouse button to fire. With money you can purchase new gun,new support.Press from to choice you gun.
  • Escape From School to Date Escape From School to Date 10206 plays Christine was studying at the dorm when she suddenly received her boyfriend's message to go out for date. Then she decided to escape from school to meet him. Come over to help her avoid the supervisor and get out of the school smoothly.
  • Anime School Girl Dress Up Anime School Girl Dress Up 10175 plays Anime School Girl Dress Up: It's Autumn and what it brings besides the pretty colors of the tree leaves is that time of the year when all of us goes back to school. It's the time when we all reunite with our school friends, teachers and we start learning new things and take trips who knows where. It's a time for joy and this girl is so anxious to meet her friends and teachers. Dress her up for the encounter in one of her cute school outfits. Put it together yourself choosing a nice top, a skirt, a vest if you want and some socks. To make her stand out you can even add a collar to the shirt with a tie or bow. A pair of shoes, a cute hairstyle and a backpack is all she needs to start her new school year!
  • Memory School Game Memory School Game 9756 plays The game presents quite a few symbols utilised in mathematics, physics, logic, and lots of other school situations. Select two squares using the identical school sign. Get all the school sign pairs matched to move to the subsequent level. Each and every subsequent level is difficult. When the time expires the game will finish! In any case in the event you fail to resolve the specified level, you might have the option to turn off time and play relaxed. Use mouse to click on the squares.
  • Make Fashion Your Teacher Make Fashion Your Teacher 9732 plays Fashion doesn't make the teacher, but it gets respect from students. So as a student lets make your teacher little fashionable and stylish. Choose the character and the you will find a wide variety of elegant and super feminine dresses, colorful shirt and skirts, pretty accessories. Use your skills and fashion sense and mix-match them to complete her dress up. Change her hairdo, add a perfect glasses and at last add a stick in order to get a perfect look for your teacher. Enjoy!
  • High School Cheerleader Contest High School Cheerleader Contest 9445 plays The two high school cheerleader teams all wanna be the winner. Which one will be the final winner? In this cheerleader contest, give them a PK match. Choose the team which you like.
  • Chic School Girl 2 Chic School Girl 2 9222 plays The three girls are great classmates and also bffs,they wanna to be the pretty ones in school,just dress up for all of them to the most wonderful girls!
  • Old School Difference Old School Difference 9126 plays This images of old schools perhaps will stimulate you to find out some thing new, to understand far more about architecture of old schools. Some of them are develop extended time ago, but nonetheless function with students. You will find lots of exciting stories about these schools but you can investigate that in other occasion. Now, you just need to find 5 differences between two photographs. You also have to watch on time, since if it runs out the game is going to be over. Use your mouse to click on the differences, but for those who click on a incorrect location you get negative points. You'll find 5 pairs of photos and you'll be able to get maximum 5000 points. So fantastic luck!
  • 60 Seconds to Graduation 60 Seconds to Graduation 9096 plays With graduation this close, even a slacker can pull of some cheating superpowers. Gather up papers with good grades and shoot down ones with bad grades! Reach a 3.5 GPA before your 60 seconds run out to win and graduate.
  • Pretty School Twins Pretty School Twins 8845 plays The pretty school twins will go to school, their clothes are the same. Do you want them are the same or not? That is depend you!
  • High School Detective High School Detective 8630 plays Star Quarterback - out of commission! How? Who? Why? And only one person can answer - You! Interview increasingly annoying students and faculty to find the perp. Be sure to turn on the sound, too!
  • My New Hostel My New Hostel 8399 plays The young girl is confused to make her dorm room lovely and stylish as it's her first year on dormitory. Take a look and you will find all stuff you need to design a dream dorm room. Beds, sofas, computer table, rack of clothes and lots of other accessories will help you to make the room feel like realistic. Just arrange them with your designing skills for perfection.

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